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Xilef wrote:This is my second WIP netmap posted here.
The texturing is not completed at all, I'm going to colour-coordinate each of the areas to make it easier for people to navigate (Not that it's hard).

Shot Description

It's water level with 2 bridges, one is much thinner than the other. The bigger bridge is where the most action occurs, however a lot of guerilla tactics are used down the corridors, so there are a lot of intense 1v1 battles made to get your adrenaline pumping.


It's large in the sense that there are a lot of areas, the layout is simple, there are 2 rooms (With team emfh violet team is one side, red team is the other). These rooms connect to a bridge that goes across the top of the map with a small room off the side of it half-way down, this is for battles across the map down small spaces, but the room is there incase anyone attempts to cross.
There is a large, open bridge outside with boxes to hide behind or jump on, the bridge is more like a dam as you cannot go under it for engine reasons, there is a small tunnel going from one side to the other, however, so if you do fall in the water you can move between them both and exit on either side.
The stair cases I tried to make more like ladders, this is rather jolt-ing to climb up, but I enjoy peaking my head just over to shoot rockets.
The super weapon is the missle launcher, located off the side of the map in a long corridor with potential to shoot directly through, to stop campers I added several routes into the rooms that connect to the long-corridor, as it's the rooms that are mostly camping point as the corridor is deadly to stand in as the missle launcher is a much desired weapon.
On one side of the water there are two climbing points that face each other, both with areas for cover, this is for grenade lobbing battles and long-distance shotgun fights, it works well for this.
There is a bunker off-the edge with a lot of AR ammo, it's a good spot to shoot grenades at people who don't spot you in a little hidey-hole, but if you don't spot them spotting you, they can take the back-entrance and drop down behind the occupier of the bunker.

There is a lot of ammo, playtesters asked me to add more.

I followed my philosophy of my first released map, Autumn Pillar, with the super weapon being the centre of attention with everyone on the outside using much less explosive weaponry, I find that restricting the ammount of missle launchers triggers a lot of power-struggle fights.

Playtesters really enjoyed this map, I hope everyone here does.

(Please note: I have not finished texturing, I'm posting this WIP version for additional suggestions and comments, I'm texturing rooms when I'm done! Read top of this post for how I am texturing the map)


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