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Post Dec 21st '10, 03:01

Cesspi7 is my response to a disturbing trend toward excessive complexity in maps--both in scenarios (Syndicate, Aeon) and net maps (Paradise Lost, Caustic Dystopia). Each Cesspi7 map consists of exactly 77 polygons, and is textured with 7 textures from the same set. They contain no right angles, and (except for Spiroche7e) no lifts. I've tested them on a G4/1000, and made sure the frame rate remains playable, even with embedded Lua running.

If you like the Marathon 2 net maps, you will enjoy this pack. Completely solving the architecture and mastering the flow should be trivial--after that it's pure carnage.

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Post Dec 21st '10, 09:11

Just forwarding an odd line problem on Depo7:

When I'm running from the red circle to the red line, I'll always be 'magically' transported back to the red circle. I think there's a humpy pole problem. I also managed to get completely stuck in the yellow circle. Weird.


Here's the problem. Either the points in the red circles need to be moved ever so slightly, or two new lines need to be added from those two points respectively.
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Polyplicity my second (less sucky) net pack. Go on. Download it. You know you don't want to.
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Post Dec 21st '10, 10:14

Good analysis there, Dugit.
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Post Dec 21st '10, 13:50

Hmm, I fixed that one once, but then I had to fix another one elsewhere. The first must have re-appeared. Thanks for the report.

It's actually quite a challenge to fix these in 77 polygon maps, because it's difficult to add or remove lines.
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