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Introduce yourself here!

Post Mar 4th '12, 17:28

Names Ken! I'm here by the grace of waffles... the infinite sort. Gotta love Marathon, gotta love murder with style. Questions below, comments below, complaints shoved into your below. Donka!
When all things come to an end, I will be there to carry you to the afterlife, dressed in my trenchcoat and dark green tophat, smoking a stick cigar of fine green smoke, and drinking the best whiskey Ireland can make.
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Richmond, Virginia, USA

Post Mar 4th '12, 20:10

Hi! Glad your here!
Escape From Marathon Roleplayer. *Scott-Karen-Loner*
[color=#ffffff]I wanted to live-Scott
Scanning...just dust and echoes. We're all that's left. We did what we had to do! For Earth. An entire Covenant armada obliterated and the Flood! We had no choice. Halo-it's finished.
No. I think we're just getting started.

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