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Post Mar 30th '07, 22:29

The big Myth metaserver, Playmyth, is down for a while, so a bunch of Mythers are now using Mariusnet. I'm not sure why they are in Arrival, but they are. Just like Marathoners, some of them are cool, and some are jerks. There is no way to kick or ban people from Mariusnet, and the people who run it are not going to make Arrival Marathon-only.

So, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:
  • You can mute people by
    • Clicking on their name in the players list on the "Find Internet Game" screen
    • Typing .ignore and then their name
  • Mutes last until you restart Aleph One, so if you're gathering you can go into the join screen and click on all the idiots you don't want to hear from, then cancel out and gather in peace
  • Do not under any circumstances attempt to host or join a game from inside a private room--this will hose the server and then nobody will be able to play. If you don't know what a private room is, then you don't need to worry.
  • Impersonating people on Mariusnet is not cool
Marathon is an older game than Myth, so let's all keep in mind, we should set the standard for maturity. Don't let the Mythers bait you, just ignore the bad ones and they'll get bored and go away. Please remember, your actions reflect on this community, so don't stoop to their level. You're better than that.

Edit: I've switched Aleph One over to irons's metaserver for the time being, because someone already hosed mariusnet per my instructions above.

Irons's server does not support the ".afk" feature Aleph One uses to mark people in-game. So, it's safe to assume people are in-game if they don't respond, and if you wait long enough, there'll be another game.
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Post Mar 31st '07, 01:04

A lot of people are mad that you had to switch over, but I will easily bargain all that "afk" stuff for not having the spamming Myth players infest the meta. Even though it is inconvenient to not know if someone is in game, I am happy that Mythers are gone, and I think some of the people that are frustraited about the switch should be too. [MUp]
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Post Mar 31st '07, 03:06

coolness. thank you Treellama. once again you have helped us overcome certain evil with whatever you use to fix these things!
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Post Mar 31st '07, 05:23

They go to Arrival because that's where people are...and being Mythers, they just stick around and host there because people tend to go where there are other people (Plus, they're lazy...). I used to be a Myther (well more of a Myther than I am now...) myself.

But yes, good guidelines Treellama.
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Post Apr 2nd '07, 20:44

PlayMyth is back up, and therefore the Mythers (except me) have gone back.
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Post May 23rd '07, 21:07

George Orwell wrote:Big Treellama is watching you...

How can he switch the autometa like that??????
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