This is Ground Control to Major Tom

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This is Ground Control to Major Tom

Post May 20th '13, 04:01

Well, here I am. 19 years late to the party. I used to play these on my dad's old computer when I was a wee one (still am a wee one by many standards). I just found all the old Marathon games on sourceforge and I am thoroughly excited to play through them again. Though I've totally forgotten the controls (tab is action... maybe?). Maybe I should say something about myself? I dunno. Anything exciting going on around these parts? What's the community like? What does everyone here talk about?

Well that was super nonsensical and ramble-y. Forgive me, it's late here and I'm barely lucid.

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Post May 20th '13, 10:31

Welcome! I'm a latecomer to the Pfhorums too, but they're a pretty nice place to hang around.

I just reconfigure the keys myself, but then, my laptop's a little battered and the down arrow key is missing. RIP, down arrow key, I miss you every day.
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Post May 20th '13, 15:02


Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
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Post May 24th '13, 05:59

I find every new development on Aleph One exciting. There's tons of great work being done that make Marathon very appealing on newer machines. Not to mention the still active Story page ( and the forums that go along with it.

I'm getting back into the Pfhorums a bit more as of late. I used to go on it a fair amount some odd years ago but my interest in Marathon dipped down a bit. I'm glad to see it's still kicking though and that any questions I have with the game can be answered here thoroughly.
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