A fourth Marathon??

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Re: A fourth Marathon??

Post Jan 5th '18, 05:45

Flippant Sol wrote:The only chance we'll ever see a new Marathon game is if Bungie were to give the IP to someone else, and they were to decide to do something with it. Until then, and if then, it is the sole responsibility of the fans to create new experiences and adventures in the Marathon universe. At this projection, I claim that the Marathon fandom will go the way of the dodo by 2024.

I wouldn't mind another company doing a Marathon reboot as long as they were true to the source material. However, I can't think of a single developer at the moment that makes good FPS. Maybe modern id? Doom 4 was alright, if a bit tedious at times.
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Post Jan 5th '18, 12:11

philtron wrote:I demand a PUBG style reboot of Minotaur.

brion gysin wrote:is this being done
obviously it is not

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Post Jan 5th '18, 22:43

I imagine that a fourth Marathon would at least be better than Marathon: Courier 11 or Marathon: By Jove, Jeeves!. That is some thin fucking soup, folks, thin fucking soup. I still like them though, and if a fourth Marathon helps trickle a few more enthusiastic new fans into the meatserver so we can keep going Gangbusters (as Windbreaker would say) for a while longer, that seems worth any potential lameness.
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Post Jan 5th '18, 23:48

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Post Jan 6th '18, 13:03

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