Marathon 1 needs a serious facelift.

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Re: Marathon 1 needs a serious facelift.

Post Nov 25th '17, 14:37

Drinniol does look pretty decent in that screenshot
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Post Nov 26th '17, 02:15

treellama wrote:Drinniol does look pretty decent in that screenshot

It's funny because I accidentally wrote
Code: Select all
<texture coll="15" clut="0" bitmap="9" normal_image="15/0/" opac_type="0"/>
<texture coll="15" clut="1" bitmap="9" normal_image="15/1/" opac_type="0"/>
<!--instead of the intended result below-->
<texture coll="15" clut="0" bitmap="3" normal_image="15/0/" opac_type="0"/>
<texture coll="15" clut="1" bitmap="3" normal_image="15/1/" opac_type="0"/>

And now there's a lower res frame in the hulks walk cycle. Fixing it now.

Would you know anything about the marine's torso z-fighting with the legs? I'm getting a combing effect on the lower back when viewing in third person.
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