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Post Jul 22nd '18, 07:10

My bad. That was an April Fool's joke. (Laugh) A MOTHERFRIGGIN' SPECTRUM MAN! All the A.M.S. levels amused me.

Favorite scenarios are Phoenix, Rubicon, Kill 'em All, and of course, you know it, Yuuuu-Jah.

Post Aug 3rd '18, 02:39

Most probably already know from one of my posts in the Marathon Discord, but my Yuge playthrough is on indefinite hiatus while I try to solve some prahblums. Thankfully I'm already making some good progress on that front, and part of my self-motivation for solving these prahblums is that once they're solved I can allow myself to go back to Yuge. I've been adopting a monomaniacal approach to things as of late where I pick one thing to devote basically all my free time towards until it's either finished or covered to my satisfaction before moving on to the next thing. As such, I'm addressing this personally urgent thing first. After that I may take care of a few short-term projects that can be completed over the course of a few days, but after that I want to make Yuge my fixation and not let up on it until it's finished.

I don't know how long it will take me to get there, and yes, I am aware of the Yugeclock. This may take me a long time. But suffice it to say that I believe I actually stand a greater chance of completing the Yuge playthrough at all if I take care of these prahblums than if I don't, even if I finish late. I'm not bored of Yuge though, I have not given up, and I want to return. Thank you.
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Post Nov 28th '18, 05:02

Hardcore Edition is finished. Here is its final video:

I have started JIHADIC. Here is its first video:

Currently I have completed 1,697 levels, which is over a third of the way through a total of 4,352.
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Post Dec 4th '18, 12:16

I have finished JIHADIC. Here is its final video. So far it is the peack I have completed the fastest -- I began on November 23rd and finished it on December 1st. All in all, the precipitation didn't really affect my playing.

I have begun Roguelike Edition. Here is its first video. Right now I'm on level 21.

As I expected, the removal of save patterns has necessitated me taking a more thorough approach to playing in order to avoid dying in a level and having to start it back from the beginning, but this hasn't slowed me down too much -- I still seem to be averaging 8 levels an hour. I must say that my new approach for this peack, be it under duress, has given me a refreshing experience with Yuge in which I can really soak in the atmosphere and combat more. It's made the game more fun again and brought me back to why I in the first place have loved not only Yuge, but Marathon in general. I'll go more back to my rushing approach after the peack is done, for timing's sake, but this is nice.

The peack after this will be Spinal Tap. That's probably my most anticipated overall, but I also wonder how much more monsters there will be than normal and how much that might slow me down.

Until then, on I go with Roguelike. 1,813 levels down, 2,539 to go. Thanks for your interest!
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