Intel graphics breaks Background/Sky in OpenGL (Shader)

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Intel graphics breaks Background/Sky in OpenGL (Shader)

Post Jun 2nd '17, 09:02

When running in OpenGL (Shader) mode on my laptop's integrated Intel graphics, the background image doesn't render properly, it's just a solid colour with what look like pillars of other colours over it. Switching to OpenGL (Classic) or my GeForce card makes the background image display properly. I don't know if it's because the Intel card doesn't support the right shader model or what.

Windows 10 build 1703
Intel HD Graphics 4000 with driver and GeForce GT 630M with driver 382.33
A1 version 1.2.1, issue occurs and is fixed as outlined on all the scenarios I have.

Post Jun 5th '17, 17:18

I really don't know much about these things but this topic might give you some leads.
That computer I was using is about 7 years old with W7.
I have another one with W10 and Intel HD Graphics 520 that shows the same backgrounds in Classic and Shader, at least on Durandal: Charon Doesn't Make Change, and Eternal: Hysterical Womb; the ones I checked.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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Post Jun 8th '17, 07:05

Thanks for the link.

Looking through that thread, it seems that it's just because Intel's drivers don't play nice with OpenGL.

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