Marathon 2 for Windows 95

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Marathon 2 for Windows 95

Post Nov 13th '17, 18:40

I am able to play the Aleph One remakes but I would also like to run the original Windows 95 version of Marathon 2 in a Windows 98 Virtual Machine, but the .iso image available from appears to be corrupted and neither be be read by Windows in VMWare nor mounted on the physical computer. How can I access what's on it?
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Screenshot showing what I want to do and my problem

Post Nov 13th '17, 18:51

I have it on a disc somewhere, but I also know I've used that ISO before. Try downloading it again?
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Post Nov 13th '17, 18:56

I have tried downloading it again several times, including just now, but to no avail.

Post Nov 13th '17, 20:58

Are you at all able to post your disc here as an .iso please? Thanks.

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