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Flamethrower secondary fire?

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Angular flipping
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Bouncy Grenades
Burst of realistic flamethrower fire
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Re: Marathon 1 Redux

Post Mar 12th '19, 00:20

treellama wrote:
ravenshining wrote:Where might I find this Weland plugin for texture conversion?

I can't find it anywhere. It might have been a Lua script, actually. Lua scripts are easier to write.

I do still have the mappings between texture sets.

Minor derail addendum: I'd want to reflexively say 'put Lua in Weland' for exactly that reason, but I imagine you'd have done it already if it was trivial. I've never used plugins with Weland, they seem to be very version specific, none have ever worked out of the box for me, and I don't have/know the toolchain to roll my own.
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Not Invented Here

Post Mar 12th '19, 16:23

They shouldn't be version specific. Weland feels like a dead end anyway--GTK-sharp has mostly been abandoned, Xamarin doesn't seem to care about Linux at all. Time to write an editor in Lua :)
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Post Mar 12th '19, 17:07

Clearly someone should write one in ocaml.
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Post Mar 17th '19, 03:53

• applied proper terminal textures & new jump pad texture for Arrival through G4 Sunbathing
• fixed 3D scenery plugin and moved it from Extras to Plugins
• animated fans on Never Burn Money, Cool Fusion
• alarm buzzer on Arrival now turns off after reading the 1st terminal
• teleporting Pfhor on Arrival
• proper voices in the pillar
• many texture adjustments on Arrival to take advantage of new textures
• added some text to 2nd reading of 1st Bigger Guns Nearby term to reflect manual & new texture
• fixed some typos that prevented new textures from showing up in high resolution
• fixed glitch on 1st frame of fraked tycho term

merged & pushed to git

spring break!! ...doesn't excuse me from massive amounts of work, but maybe I'll be back at this on Purim.

TODO before 0.0.13-alpha:
• apply proper terminal textures for Blaspheme Quarantine - Eplilouge
• remove Eternal terminal text from epilouge
maybe do some work on Mirata and New Thermopylae so you don't teleport immediately on starting a new game
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