Marathon: Paths of Jjro.

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Marathon: Paths of Jjro.

Post Jun 8th '18, 02:04

So. At the end of the day, this is the place I must come.
I'm announcing Marathon: Paths of Jjro, a 3d Marathon game.
Some may already know. And I think that at the end of the day most of you will do.

I started this project as just 3d remake of characters. Started with the S'pht, then tried with M.A.D.D.s, then Bobs, then Vacbobs... then... Someone asked for a VRChat Port. I couldn't archive it, but I got interested in making the whole thing into a game. Then I found that the Blender-Godot workflow was amazingly easy.

And well, here are some pictures


The map shown is Windbreaker's Yucatan Dive.

If anyone wants to give me a hand, I'll really appreciate it.
I made a discord to chat about this thing:
I'm going to update this post with a link to the source code of the project, in about a day.
See you starside ;)

Post Jun 8th '18, 07:26

I want to be part of this but I need to learn some things and need to finish Marathon Durandal.

But I can still be part of the project cause, why not?

Post Jun 9th '18, 21:31

Looks really cool. I want to get into Godot someday as Blender is somewhat comfortable for me and it's what I made a lot of my characters with except for the humans which Make Human helped out with..
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Post Jun 11th '18, 09:39

This is a massively better start to a project than some ugly title screen artwork. You have my attention, and my best wishes for the success of your project.
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Post Jun 18th '18, 23:52

Thanks guys! I forgot to edit the post with the link to the source code so here it is:

Source code:

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