Sad Hatred

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Sad Hatred

Post Aug 17th '18, 18:24

I dislike PC. It's clearly overrated. It's so good that it's bad and I have learned that what gets good gets bad. Seriously. To hell with it's nazi community.

I seriously need to shut up about this. But for me to get help I'll need to talk about it. Can I get psychological help here?

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Post Aug 29th '18, 09:31

Whatever. Time to stop cut the onions and change the topic.

I’ve been working on OpenGL programming to make my own engine for a Dreamcast homebrew. Currently stuck at the triangle part.

I’ll add more information when I get my MacBook cause I’m typing with my IPad currently.

Post Aug 29th '18, 14:19

So I am stuck trying to figure out what to do. is where I am focusing on learnings OpenGL. First it was but I've already tried that out and some of it didn't work. Maybe I didn't download glfw3 correctly? If I didn't download the correct one then where can I get it?
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the script (If the problem was obvious then shame on me)

Post Aug 29th '18, 14:25

What do you mean by didn't work? It says the build succeeded, what happens when you run it?
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Post Aug 29th '18, 14:38

Then this happens.

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Post Aug 29th '18, 15:11

You don't initialize OpenGL. That function pointer is going to be NULL, you can't call it until you set up OpenGL.
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