Raycaster Chattering V2

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Raycaster Chattering V2

Post Jan 7th '19, 13:25

I would want to know a little detail about raycaster engines. If I make a basic low-poly 3D level in Blender, can I import it to a SFML made engine as a minimal drawn fps level? Aleph One handled 3D pretty well, which put me to question if it is a true 2.5D engine. Was A1 a raycaster?

I want to know this because I want to create an engine that can run greatly on the 3DS. If it doesn't work with raycasting then I'll try to get OpenGL to work.

If you didn't, yes I have signed up to be a Nintendo Developer. Has a 3DS test unit even.

Post Jan 9th '19, 18:27

So it can't handle 3D? Oh well. But can it handle bridges and slopes? Raycasting can't possibly be too weak.

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