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Juzo-kun's art stuff

Post Mar 13th '19, 17:05

I was asked some link so here's some of my art..
Marathon fanart gallery on DeviantArt (old things, mainly).
Unfinished comic splash page from that time I did try to draw a comic about the first Marathon intro text. Other panels here. (Also ooooold.)
A rather unlikely crossover (Slightly more recent).

...and tinkering with textures. I've made these in a rare occasion I had nothin to do for half a day, and among all the thing I went for this (based on Gorran's jjiaro texture plugin)
Minimal version and "did anyone forget to fill the colours?" version. I don't know for what these might be useful for, dream levels aside...
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Post Mar 13th '19, 20:51

Hey, I remember some of this stuff. Really like your Enforcer.
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Post Mar 13th '19, 23:22

looks like you have some pretty cool ideas, I don't believe I have seen any alternate textures specifically made for Marathon Infinity. Good luck on your art and stuff.
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Post Mar 14th '19, 05:57

Oh, now I think I've seen your stuff before on deviantart. Good stuff! [MUp]
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Post Apr 2nd '19, 10:51

(late reply is late) Thank you everyone! [MSmile]
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Post May 10th '19, 06:24

A new one after a while... inspired by Hang Brain:
The last hour is on us both?
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Post May 10th '19, 22:46

awesome work, as usual!
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