Xbox One controller - Aleph One?

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Xbox One controller - Aleph One?

Post May 14th '19, 02:50

Is it possible to use an xbox one controller with marathon aleph one? I tried but it was very not working. Sorry for the noob question

Post May 14th '19, 12:08

Try the beta version, it might work better.
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Post May 15th '19, 01:35

thanks for the reply. one more quick q. anyone know if theres a freecam mod or walk through walls mod

Post May 15th '19, 02:09

As far as camera controls go, F6 toggles between 1st and 3rd person view, and in multiplayer, backspace (I think?) cycles between player views.

You cannot walk through walls because of the way 5-D space works. There could be multiple areas on the "other side" of a wall and no way for the engine to tell which one you want unless they're already connected, and the area occupied by the wall itself doesn't really exist.
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Post May 19th '19, 20:57

RE7 wrote:thanks for the reply. one more quick q. anyone know if theres a freecam mod or walk through walls mod

Is that "walk through walls" as in fake walls or exiting the bounds of the map? Raven Shining has answered the latter scenario, as trying to wander the HOM void would cause issues in 5D space, which is also probably why entering the underside of a polygon allows you to leave, but it pushes you back up on top of the polygon like in Tomb Raider.

Walking through fake walls already exists in the engine. I can't remember how it's set up, but it's there. An example of a level using this is the waterfall at the start of Tempus Irae's Towel Boy map. There's also a pair of waterfalls in The Dead Live In the Catacombs in Eternal that I assume work the same way.
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