Marathon (Beta Unity)

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Marathon (Beta Unity)

Post Oct 4th '19, 17:13

I am interested in doing a Marathon fan-game in Unity. It is going to be based of the wolf3D'ish Marathon beta, but with polygons and are not a Wolfenstein 3D like game whatsoever.

The game would have

* A heavily alternate look on the Marathon story line
* The traditional 8 directional sprite system the trilogy always had is still present
* The levels will be imported and created from Weland
* The soundtrack from the Trojan scenario will be used
* There will unfortunately not be any 5D space in the game (Unity and all that)
* Netgame could be implemented (But that depends on my will and energy)
* Everything will be in my style

If anyone wants to help out then that's okay. Teamwork would change this project a-lot more than I would imagine.

This post should be in the projects board. Forgot a-bit since I've not posted anything here for some time.
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Post Oct 22nd '19, 09:55


Is this a good idea? I could just do a remake of Marathon 1 instead.

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