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Post Jul 19th '10, 20:44

Ares Ex Machina wrote:image

Something about his pic has made me uneasy. I just realized it was the head, far too small. His pecs could use some mass ass well, its odd to have such large shoulders and arms with a disproportionate chest.

Your coloring and shading are quite good, reminds me of noir style.

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Post Jul 20th '10, 09:35

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, and for the criticism! For me, knowing what isn't working is more important than knowing what is working (although it's best to hear both). So...keep the comments coming!

And if for any reason you don't want to post here, you can always send me a PM. I want to create designs that resonate with all Marathon fans. So your opinion does count! And to prove it, here's an edited version of the main man with a bigger helmet (I tried resizing the entire head, but it just didn't look right). The visor itself has also undergone a slight adjustment.


It would have been nice to incorporate some of the other suggestions, but don't worry; chances are they'll wind up in a later piece.

CryoS wrote:May I push you t make a marine VS 2 or 3 fighters image?

I thought of this too. This might happen eventually, but I want to do a bit more designing before I start playing around with the designs.

Edit 1: Some more minor adjustments. (7/31/2010)
Edit 2: Pfhorums format fix. (3/16/2013)
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Jul 21st '10, 03:29

I see the self portrait of me turned out great! Great work Ares.
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The Thug

Post Jul 21st '10, 05:38

For some reason I can't help but think of this guy being used as a player skin for God of War III. :)
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Post Aug 1st '10, 02:54

Same design, different angle.


Edit 1: Various small changes made. (8/3/2010)
Edit 2: Pfhorums format fix. (3/16/2013)
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Aug 1st '10, 06:05

And to think with images like this some people still question if your totally human in-game.

You could put a caption under those pictures: "Yeah, I'm totally NOT a cyborg."
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Post Aug 19th '10, 02:54

Nice work. This is inspirational for modeling in 3d.
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Post Aug 19th '10, 06:00

TychoVII wrote:Nice work. This is inspirational for modeling in 3d.

couldn't have agreed more [MGrin]
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The Dungeon

Post Aug 19th '10, 06:13

Nice avatar, Ares!
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Post Aug 20th '10, 03:56

Thanks, guys!
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Sep 13th '10, 02:31

That's fantastic artwork, nice

The work on the Hunter is drop-dead awesome
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Post Jan 20th '13, 00:37

Changed title from Oraculum to Salvation.
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