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Post Oct 8th '10, 01:04

I realize this is several years too late, it would be unreasonable to think I'd spend more than 15 hours a year on this. In any case, the Pfhorums Game is finally finished. Many pfhorums members make an appearance of some sort in this game. If you aren't in the game, it must be because you're a nobody.

You can download the NitsLoch engine, and the scenarioand put them together. Or if you're lazy, and I know you are, you can just get the single zip package that is ready to go.

* Remember to rest at the beginning of the game to heal. Hold space bar or numpad 5.
* If the enemies you're fighting seem too hard, go somewhere else and come back to them later.
* You can hold control to shoot instead of move.
* This isn't supposed to be hard. If you're struggling, you're doing something wrong.
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Post Oct 8th '10, 02:44

Well that was... Interesting.
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Post Oct 8th '10, 07:01

Well, after playing it for about an hour longer than I should have. Why do maps cost money? The money is so pitiful too, that it pains me to have to click it hundreds of times manually to buy it. Also, I've gotten to Dade*, is there much more than that?

Edit: Yess, Dade
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Post Oct 8th '10, 07:55

I assume you mean Dade? You have to use dynamite to blow up the trash. You'll get a clear message when the game is over.
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Post Oct 8th '10, 10:46

Hey ill get more levels for dave soon

Oh and nice game w'rk
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Post Oct 11th '10, 01:23

I can't even describe how annoying the sound effects are when having headsets on.

Good game though.

Post Oct 11th '10, 14:15

WastedJamacan vs. WastdJamacan
D?rovací tvá?í.

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SuFu, SD

Post Oct 14th '10, 02:12

For those of you on awful operating systems, I've fixed the game so it will run on java 1.5. This version also includes an amazing splash screen that I somehow forgot to add (sorry Irons!).

New Version
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Post Oct 14th '10, 02:15

All is forgiven.
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Post Oct 14th '10, 05:18

ya it's ok i guess
dude, seriously. dude.
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Post Oct 21st '10, 12:55

Awesome, I can finally play this awesome game that is awesome on my awesomely awful operating system that is awesome.


This was terrible.

Thanks W'rk. You're awesome w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.
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