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Post Jan 29th '11, 07:45

DADDY Z3RO wrote:In DarkXL and DaggerXL two WIP engine recreation projects, Dynamic lighting is used to good effect.
I presume that in those engines, any bloom color causes a like-colored light to be cast on the environment.
I was wondering if you had any interest in this, Treellama, so that maybe it could be added perhaps?

DADDY Z3RO's post was met with jaded sarcasm and me-too requests. In these situations, I suspect newer members are often surprised at the responses they get ("ohhh my god. Sometimes I wonder if I can post ANYTHING without being trolled.") Other members are not surprised, and for the benefit of the former group I'd like to explain why.

Topics on Aleph One's development tend to fall into categories. Among them, these are the kinds that in my experience turn out to be the most engaging, productive, and/or valuable.

Type A: I thought of a new concept that hasn't been fully explored yet, and I would like to discuss its merits, feasibility, and so on.
These topics are fun to think about when they actually meet the criteria. The discussion that follows is likely to be insightful, and has a nonzero chance of prompting people to act. For example, K'taur made a topic about fall damage, and it prompted a pragmatic discussion out of which came three different lua scripts.

Type B: I am actively contributing to the community, and I could do more with your cooperation.
The fact that a scenario maker has a specific application of the proposed feature in mind can motivate a coder, since he can see there's a fair likelihood of his work being put to good use. For example, take this thread of Kurrin's:
I've been playing around with ways to expand the functionality of the game world using Lua for a while now. Stuff like vending machines, and ceiling fans that have inertia. Mostly, this involves the use of scenery being manipulated with Lua....If the engine supported a kind of tag or arbitrary variable to be assigned to a scenery object, and if you could assign that in Weland, and read/write it in Lua, then 3d scenery could be more interactive.

Type C: I am partway through creating a significant new addition myself that will benefit the community, but I need assistance in a particular area to make it happen.
This is similar to Type B, but the difference is the scenario maker is already committed to including the feature or something like it. People may chime in with alternative solutions, like using lua or mml ("If you have a lot of lights, some lua, and some time, you can fake it in a sense.") Or, a kindly programmer may decide to add support for the feature in the engine itself, which is great since then everyone can benefit from the new functionality. Visual mode.lua sort of came about this way.

Type D: I have looked into a project the community wants, and have found a way to accomplish it more easily.
These kinds of posts can be helpful so long as the details are well researched. It still may not receive a great response, because it's still theoretical and you haven't indicated you're going to do anything. Admittedly I make a lot of posts that fall in this category. For example, late in this thread I posited a way to do hitscan projectiles, and shortly thereafter I posted a script that implements them.

Type E: Enjoy this new thing I made.
Most everybody enjoys these announcements, because the hard work is done. These deserve the greatest gratitude. Every new release of Aleph One falls in this category.

Before you post an Aleph One dev-related thread, consider these categories. If your idea doesn't fall within one of them, people probably aren't going to respond the way you're hoping they will.
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Post Jan 29th '11, 09:09

I think the problem is people often think they have a Type A post, and don't realize why they don't. I mean, ray-tracing would be awesome; why shouldn't/couldn't Aleph One have it? I know the answer to that question, but some newb may not, and may think he's going to stir up a bunch of "that's a good idea! lets do that!" responses.
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Post Jan 29th '11, 15:59

Yeah.... That post was a disaster...

What I was moreso asking was if it could be possible to make a scenery object or other light source project a colored light on neighboring polygons.
I honestly think that is possible.
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Post Jan 29th '11, 16:07

DADDY Z3RO wrote:What I was moreso asking was if it could be possible to make a scenery object or other light source project a colored light on neighboring polygons.
I honestly think that is possible.

The engine doesn't support any colored lighting right now.
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Post Jan 29th '11, 19:50

Treellama wrote:The engine doesn't support any colored lighting right now.

cool, that's all I was asking.

Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope for the future.
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