So Team Fortress 2 is now free.....

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Post Jun 27th '11, 18:09

I hope most of you have heard about how VALVe has recently made their popular Team Fortress 2 title Free to Play. I was very excited over this (Mainly since I can cross this off of my "Things to Buy" list), but I did ponder something...... Did VALVe make a wise decision?

Also, IYO, do you think the company made a Good/Bad Decision?
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Post Jun 27th '11, 18:22

I think they made an awful decision and I just finished uninstalling it last night. The worst mistake Bungie ever made was releasing the Marathon Trilogy for free. What do you think my original Marathon CD and Trilogy box set are worth now? I'll tell you; absolutely nothing! To say nothing of all the 13 year old children playing online. The same thing is happening to Team Fortress 2. Do you think things are better now that there are over 90,000 people playing online at the same time, filling up the servers? And who's going to want to buy my copy of TF2 now that they can just download it for free? That's $10 I'm never getting back.
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Post Jun 27th '11, 23:39

Its a fine decision, I do not regret buying the orange box when I did and consider the money for the time I've spent playing it up to now well invested. I havn't seen any other game updated quite so many times for a non-MMO (and not in the bug-fixing sense). Not all the updates were good, but it took me on an adventure, and I've content.

This will also help me get my friends on board to play it with me for no monetary down payment. Also, it can now be an easy setup to a nice LAN party. (In addition to Marathon of course)
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Post Jun 30th '11, 18:36

Tim wrote:And who's going to want to buy my copy of TF2 now that they can just download it for free?

I didn't know you could buy used copies.
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Post Jul 1st '11, 14:58

You can't, so it was a moot point.
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Post Jul 1st '11, 18:18

herecomethej2000 wrote:You can't, so it was a mute point.

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Post Jul 1st '11, 20:40


Post Jul 2nd '11, 01:37

Was it a good decision? Sure. Business-wise, selling new copies isn't where the money is at this point anyway. Publicity-wise, who doesn't like quality games for free? If anything, the most surprising thing is how little this really changes.
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