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by silvermoon383
Sep 17th '16, 21:00
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Topic: Weland 1.4
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Re: Weland 1.4

Ok, I'm sure this is probably the stupidest question, but bear with me, we're delving into parts of modern mac computing that I know little about. I downloaded both the latest Weland files and the Mono framework. How in the world do you put the two together so that I can start playing around with so...
by silvermoon383
Sep 13th '16, 19:20
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Topic: Email Spam
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Re: Email Spam

What CryoS said. :P
by silvermoon383
Apr 25th '15, 04:44
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Topic: Hello Everyone!!
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Hello Everyone!!

Long time Marathoner here! Been chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things after getting a new computer after Christmas (Mac Mini plugged into my HDTV). Boy have I missed this trilogy! I even got Rubicon to boot, hoping to be able to start working my way through the total conversions w...