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by AnonFriction
Oct 16th '19, 17:21
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Topic: Marathon: Gambit
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Marathon: Gambit

What is it? Marathon: Gambit is a recreation of Bungie's Destiny 2 game type of the same name within Marathon Infinity. Apologies for the lacking og post. I was trying to get the thread created so I could link to it on Simplici7y and in the Manual. I hope that this update gives a better idea of wha...
by AnonFriction
Oct 4th '19, 09:28
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Topic: Marathon Unity
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Re: Marathon Unity

Hey Alex! I guess this is a bit late but I just stumbled across this thread :lol: This appears to be run fine on windows (tested against Windows 10: Build: 18362.356) However I did run into a few issues. -After initially loading a Shapes file it became unresponsive, but after relaunching the shapes ...
by AnonFriction
Apr 25th '18, 17:39
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Topic: Finally throwing out Halathon
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Re: Finally throwing out Halathon

Did this ever get released? It looks rad :D
Also if audio is still needed I happen to have all (or most) the CE sound fx sitting in a folder