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by LidMop
Jan 5th '19, 21:16
Forum: Aleph One Discussion
Topic: Theta "Error" patterns
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Re: Theta "Error", patterns and bugs

The banding patterns are caused by Marathon using a low-quality (by today's standards) PRNG , and it's very noticeable if you fire at a wall with shotguns. The overall square (as opposed to circular) shape is due to Marathon calculating each projectile's yaw and pitch errors independently and making...
by LidMop
Jan 2nd '19, 20:38
Forum: Aleph One Discussion
Topic: Aleph One 1.3b1
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Re: Aleph One 1.3b1

Wrkncacnter wrote: 1) I get a seg fault after dying and the game attempts to reload the saved game.
That's my fault! I'll submit a fix PR right away.