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Jan 14th '10, 16:07
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Dugit wrote:alien curiass.
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Dec 25th '09, 19:09
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Topic: Aorta 2.1
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gmanyo, as a general rule of thumb, if you don't know anything, you shouldn't say anything. So with this real 3d, is there any possibility of throwing in other 3d things? First off, am I correct that this would allow other 3d elements that the normal engine would not allow, or am I wrong? If I'm wr...
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Dec 7th '09, 03:46
Forum: Legends
Topic: In The Shadows.
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Well, I have nothing really to say that doesn't relate to what has already been said, being a grizzled and experienced scenario maker myself, except one thing regarding high-res textures: DON'T MAKE TOO MANY Recently I just did a checkup on all of my textures, and it turns out that I have about 20-...