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by CopperNinja
Mar 6th '08, 03:49
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: RED help room
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Ok as a tip when anyone gets to jagermeister's nightmare do not save until at least one x has been disposed of. It was a glitch of some kind that made it impossible to plant a mine on an X. It also prevented me from detonating the weasel with the button behind the wall which destroys the first X w/o...
by CopperNinja
Mar 3rd '08, 23:29
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: Pfhor pronunciation.
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Mjolnir- Zholner
Spht- Spit
Pfhor - For
W'rkncacnter - workckckckc(That's just how I imagined it in my head everytime I just skipped that annoying word)
by CopperNinja
Mar 3rd '08, 03:51
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: Need help in Marathon Red
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I'm stuck in the area between the X near the weasel that is next to the switch and the invisible lava wall/barrier.
by CopperNinja
Mar 3rd '08, 03:44
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