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by DavFlamerock
Oct 12th '08, 16:26
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Topic: Marathon: Infested *IMPORTANT UPDATE*
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OMG This scenario looks awesome! Can't wait to play it.
by DavFlamerock
Aug 31st '08, 19:12
Forum: Projects
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This looks hella tight. It would also be a good project for me to submit my first maps, yes? (me being a newb in mapping but it being something I've always wanted to do)

If I can't make any cool maps then I'll be sure to play it when it's released :P
by DavFlamerock
Aug 31st '08, 19:11
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Topic: WELL!!
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Hey I too am a newb who found Marathon thanks to Halo (disclaimer: M is better than H) and have been playing it on and off since. I guess I made a profile here a while ago but forgot I had it lol.