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by Fishman92
May 23rd '09, 21:25
Forum: Projects
Topic: Image file help needed!
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o.k, if you've read my other post, you'll know i'm making a scenario.
One thing that is slowing me down though, is making a custom images file. Whenever i put my own artwork and menu screens in, Aleph one won't load them. All the picts annd cluts are in, but they won't work. Any suggestions?
by Fishman92
May 22nd '09, 22:24
Forum: Legends
Topic: In The Shadows.
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O.K. For those who don't know me, I'm Fishman92, co-head of the Fishmaniacs Network, podcaster and games developer. Marathon: In The Shadows is a scenario I'm making currently. It features totally new textures, enemys, semitransparent liquids and shots, a night vision mode etc. I am about to release...
by Fishman92
May 22nd '09, 22:12
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Topic: Can't create a topic?
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