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by Major Pedro
Jul 19th '08, 10:38
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: Hunters
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I believe that, after playing a level, the messy remnants of the Pfhor you shot are mopped up and placed in a life support suit. Sorta like the hunters from Halo, but far less serious. And with less worms. But that depends on their personal hygiene. Which, seeing as they're dead, probably isn't so g...
by Major Pedro
Jul 14th '08, 11:54
Forum: Aleph One Discussion
Topic: Rubicon won't start in 0.20
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Bruno wrote:Also in appreciation of this thread.
I second that
by Major Pedro
Jul 13th '08, 05:33
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: Does Anyone Have A Picture Of The UESC Marathon Vessel
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herecomethej2000 wrote:HAHA Pfhorrest. I never looked at it that way. Thats hilarious. Like the saucer section on the USS Enterprise or something. No its definitely a giant engine bell.

or intake solenoid. for the ramjet engine.
by Major Pedro
Jul 12th '08, 12:34
Forum: Marathon Discussion
Topic: You know you play too much marathon when..
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assassingao wrote:10. You think of grilled pfhor sound when you're making BBQ.

my cat makes the exact same noise. makes you worry about how and why it's in the game.
by Major Pedro
Jul 12th '08, 12:21
Forum: Welcome
Topic: Hello
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I'm introducing myself in this topic. Hello everyone. i like... people. I've been playing marathon for about two months, and i've almost finished the trilogy. i find total carnage a bit tricky, so I'm not going to run about saying how cool i am. I hope I'll come to be a part of this community, I'll ...
by Major Pedro
Jul 12th '08, 12:13
Forum: Welcome
Topic: Can't create a topic?
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I'm introducing myself. like we're supposed to do.

Hello! [MSmile]