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Susannah is an experimental Aleph One scenario developed back in 2009 and presented at the art exhibition Þrír í Þriðja in Hjalteyri, Iceland the same year. In 2013 it was released on Simplici7y.

Now it's time to give Susannah a bit of a facelift and this thread will serve as a development blog for that. This project started out as a simple one to flesh out some bugs and to make sure that Susannah was still playable on modern computers. But it quickly evolved into a full scale project covering everything between small bug fixes and major level redesigns. Note that the core level designs will mostly stay the same and most of the changes are of aesthetic nature. Except for the second level which has seen a major redesign and simplification. Reason being, to quote MoppyPuppy: "That second level is a pain in the dick."

Planned release is first quarter of 2019.

See below for before and after screenshots of some of the levels. (Original version on the left)
PS: For those that used Susannah to check how dirty your monitor was, I am sad to announce that that feature might become less effective in the new version as we might see some reduction in fog intensity.

Woooo! Excited to see round 2 of this.
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