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ibn As-Sāmit wrote: The first thing Allah created was the Pen. THE LORD commanded it to write. It said: My Lord, what shall I write? THE LORD said: Write down what has been ordained for all things until the establishment of the Hour.
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Ron wrote: CLAY DEMO, abbreviation for clay demonstration. A study technique whereby the student demonstrates definitions, principles, ect. in clay to obtain greater understanding by translating significance into actual mass.

CLAY TABLE, a clay table is any platform at which a student, standing or sitting, can work comfortably. The surface must be smooth. A table built of rough timber will serve but the top surface where the work is done should be oilcloth or linoleum. Otherwise the clay sticks to it and it cannot be cleaned and will soon lead to an inability to see clearly what is being done because it is stained with clay leavings.

CLAY TABLE CLEARING, clay table clearing is audited by an auditor in a session. The entire effort by the auditor in a session of clay table clearing is to help the pc regain confidence in being able to achieve things by removing the misunderstandings which have prevented that achievement.
Dhammabhaṇḍāgārika wrote: And even in those abysmal world intervals of vacancy, gloom, and utter darkness, where the moon and the sun, mighty and powerful as they are, cannot make their light prevail, there too an immeasurable great radiance surpassing the divine majesty of the devas appeared. And the beings reborn there perceived each other by that light: “So indeed, there are also other beings reborn here.”
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Rod wrote: But there are also forces for good in the world. They can't always speak directly, because the powers of evil are fighting them all the way. But some kindly spirit may have left all those strange riddling messages in the hope that Father Higgins would decode them and stomp all over the evil power. Unfortunately Father Higgins got stomped himself.
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