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What is it?

Marathon: Gambit is a recreation of Bungie's Destiny 2 game type of the same name within Marathon Infinity.

Apologies for the lacking og post. I was trying to get the thread created so I could link to it on Simplici7y and in the Manual. I hope that this update gives a better idea of what the project is :)

The mode is now available on Simplici7y!

How do I play?

Below is a section from the Manual I put together for the game mode. If you want more information check out the manual included with the download on Simplici7y!

Match Start

The round begins with the players spawning into the Drifter’s Ship somewhere in unknown space. Seven seconds later the players are teleported into their respective arenas and the race begins.

Objective Overview

Kill enemies, Collect and Deposit keys, Summon the Primeval and kill it!
The first team to summon its Primeval and kill it wins the round.
The first team to win two rounds wins the match.


At the start of each match a random faction (see below) will be selected and squads will begin to
spawn. Killing an “Anchor” will drop 2 keys while killing a “Fodder” enemy will drop 1. If the team falls behind by more than 20 points then a Catch up Target will spawn which drops 8 keys.

Once the player has obtained “Keys” their radar will activate to show the direction of the “bank” where keys are deposited


Depositing 5 – 9 keys will send a small blocker to the enemy team
Depositing 10-14 keys will send a medium blocker to the enemy team
Depositing 15 keys will send a large blocker to the enemy team
Enemies will be unable to deposit keys while a blocker is active


Every 25 keys that are deposited a teleporter will activate allowing 1 player to invade the other team and wreak havoc! While invading a player will be immune to monsters and can only be harmed by enemy players. Invasions end after the timer expires or they get 4 kills.

Once a team has summoned their Primeval the teleporter will stop looking for keys and will instead activate on a timer. Killing a player while their Primeval is summoned will also heal it!


After the 75th key has been deposited a Primeval and three Envoys will spawn. The envoys do not need to be killed but for each one killed players will receive a damage boost against the Primeval.


Upon dying players will lose any keys they were holding. Be careful when holding large amounts!

What does it look like?
Zoranel (the test map)
Zoranel (the test map)
Wrath Eternal (modification of Bungie netmap "wrath no more")
Wrath Eternal (modification of Bungie netmap "wrath no more")
Salinn (modification of a netmap I made to support gambit)
Salinn (modification of a netmap I made to support gambit)
If you're interested in gameplay it can be seen here, although this is from a slightly older script and has a few bugs/debug text enabled still. I am working to get some new footage up soon.

What still needs done?

At this time the script is basically done and I have three maps finished (although one of these is the test map and is not exactly pretty).

The only thing left that I would like to add to the script is an intro cinematic. However I have been having issues with this so I decided to go ahead and release it for now. (Shout out to Ku-rin for helping me with cameras!!)

Other than that my plan is to fix any bugs that pop up and continue working on maps to increase the netmap pool for this mode since unfortunately it does require it's own unique maps.

If you are interested in making maps for Gambit see the section on Mapping in the manual included on Simplici7y.

Let me know if you have any questions! And thanks to everyone who has helped me with this :wub:
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