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Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 02:54
by hypersleep
I’m making a thread here so my sporadic development updates don’t get lost in the discord chat.


Apotheosis – Please forgive the 17 year pause in development.

Quarantine madness has the better of me. Here we go again.

For those not in the know, here’s the abandonware version from 2003 that was released into the wild in 2007:

And the Bighouse site from… so so long ago:

Here’s the current project scope:

  • Revised textures
  • Revised weapon sprites
  • Revised landscapes
  • Revised chapter screens
  • Revised terminal art
  • Revised menu / hud

The new art will be high quality, but mostly targeting marathon’s old school specifications. This is partly due to expedience, but also a sense of artistic cohesiveness. Expect some very handsome artwork with chunky pixels and indexed colour palette artefacts.

Level design

About 75% of the levels will be rebuilt from scratch. Most will feel familiar if you’ve played the 2003 version, a few will be entirely reimagined.

My goals here are to:
  • Address general gameplay feedback (big thank you to Ares for the detailed notes, and Shappie for the stream).
  • Make the mission designs better comport with the terminal scripts
  • Make full use of the updated texture sets and increased engine limits
Sound design
  • Redesigned and repaired 16bit audio for the custom and vanilla sounds. (thanks to Aaron for the assistance here).
Other stuff
  • Compatibility with Aleph One. The 2003 version runs fine but is missing many details that relied on a modified version of the vanilla Infinity engine.
  • Rethinking some weapon mechanics. The nail gun and matter cannon were never quite finalised and balanced. These weapons will have implementations that make more sense in the player’s arsenal.
Here’s what’s been happening since restarting in July.
  • Redesigns for the UESC and Sewage texture sets are largely complete. Lava is progressing at speed. The water set is being axed / combined with Sewage and it’s slot used for auxiliary textures. I’ve done some look dev for the Pfhor set but nothing set in stone yet.
  • Initial art direction for terminal, ui and chapter art
  • 100+ new sound effects designed
  • A few new levels are nearing completion. Many others are at prototype stage.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 02:56
by hypersleep
Here's a Youtube vid showing off some revised architecture and textures.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 03:24
by hypersleep
Assorted new textures:

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 03:28
by hypersleep
Some kitbash / blockouts for new weapon sprites.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 03:37
by hypersleep
The worksheet for level design is scaring me. If anyone wants to chip in, please let me know.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 6th '20, 22:49
by hypersleep
lava concrete.jpg

Concrete textures for the lava set.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 7th '20, 02:21
by hypersleep
Testing an animation rig for projectile FX (click to play)
explosion test.gif

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 8th '20, 22:59
by hypersleep
Some basic concrete tiles

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 11th '20, 02:40
by hypersleep

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Oct 28th '20, 03:44
by Shocktart
This is all really cool, however, please don't forget to upgrade the decorative pin-up girl on the side of the UESC Gingerbread Man.
The original "girl riding an ESR Banshee" version was atrocious.

Re: Apotheosis – Rebuild

Posted: Nov 22nd '20, 03:30
by Grenth
I remember having tons and tons of fun messing around with this thing years ago, so I'm definitely hyped to see it making a return now!