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Here's a familiar story: W'rkncacnter reminded me of some maps I made (apparently about a year ago) and never uploaded, so here they are, because a map pack with 44 maps seems sensible.

Several maps also have geometry updates or other bug fixes and I went through all of the KOTH-enabled maps to have them work with Wrk's Base Jumping Hills script. I think. This is a while ago now, so if there are bugs, well, woops.
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I don’t think I’d looked at these much before (I’d looked at Red Spectrum, Second Quest, etc. and found them beautiful). Like the aforementioned map packs, these are interesting just to wander through on solo, gazing at the architecture and marveling at the flow. I should join the Lh’owon server for net games; I bet these are even better with actual opponents.

I did find a motion glitch in the final level (“The Monolith”? “Monument to All Your Sins”? It’s different on the level selector than it is in the map view). It’s possible to get trapped in the north-northwest corner of the octagonal transporter room with the waterfall, apparently inescapably if you’re unlucky enough. Quick film here. The Marathon engine is weird.
monolith motion
apparent motion glitch in level 44
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