How to make one full scenario Including Physics?

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RyokoTK wrote:If I recall, the reason why you may not want to use Ouch polygons is because they deal damage regardless of your elevation. So if you want to have the player jump across a bottomless chasm, they'll still take damage while in midair. It's not a very practical solution when the Lua for polygon-based damage is really simple to write.
But the lava hotplates in Classic Marathon 1 work by harming you only if you touch the floor. (original mac version, not M1A1 which uses liquids) It's just the green goo that harms you if you are above it, so maybe minor ouch polygons are safer to use so long as you use a shallow pool where you can easily touch the floor? I ask about this in another thread.

Sorry for the necropost.
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This whole place is like a necro-forum. I for one am all for reviving discussion.

You are correct, minor ouch only damages you if you are touching the floor. I use this effect in M1R to damage you if you get too close to one of the water filtration devices.
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