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Happy anniversary, Marathon!

Marathon was released on December 21st, 1994. That means the game turns 21 today - legally old enough to drink in the US (and it could probably use a drink after seeing Ling Ling's head).

I can think of no better time to share the work I've done with Better Bridges, which creates the illusion that Aleph One can do true bridges.
Better Bridges in Hang 'Em Low.jpg
You may have already seen the screenshots from Halathon, but what I've done now is extracted out Better Bridges to work independently for any scenario that wants to use the technique. I've endeavored to make it as easy to use as possible.

Head over to Simplici7y to download the sample map and detailed user's guide.
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Mjolnir Mark IV
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Let me extend my congratulations for getting this finished in time for christmas. Much desired, seldom achieved - a true milestone in AlephOne modding history.

Also thanks for helping me implement this into Halathon - making it one of the first scenarios to feature this new technique.

cheers and happy holidays!
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I think it's been several years since this was posted, and I've only just noticed.

Truly impressive! I really like the elegant solution taken (much less clunky than the approach I was trying out), and it's good to see it accompanied by some great documentation.

Playing around with the example level, the bridges look and feel genuinely native, as if the functionality were baked into the engine.

Bravo! :D
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