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Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Oct 1st '19, 03:37
by Wrkncacnter
For those of you that don't know, Adminn_1 finished all of the Yuge maps today that were required to unlock his prize. Congrats man, you earned this.

That's actually the only prize that anyone should have been expecting, given the history of prizes and the nature of Mararthon: Yuge. I do actually have a real prize for you though. I think the best thing about this prize is not only do you get it, you've unlocked this for the entire community! I think we all owe Adminn our thanks for letting us share in this amazing reward. ...

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Oct 1st '19, 16:23
by Adminn_1
That's perfectly fitting. It figures that my reward for finishing Yuge was just more Yuge. :3 Someone else can have it, though. I might do a recorded playthrough of one level at some point, but that will be far in the future.

In any case, as I, Douchetower, and Windbreaker had gone over a handful of times before, the journey of Yuge itself is the reward. I definitely feel stronger and edified because of it.

I will now go a little underground once again to focus on pressing matters. I'm not abandoning Marathon, and will even dabble here and there in things related to it; but for the most part I am on another hiatus for months. Even my presence in places like the Discord will be reduced. If anything, I'd like to stay back and quietly study Marathon-related things in secret before devoting myself to any projects for the game. In the meantime, occasional playthrough videos of other things may pop up as well -- I fairly recently took interest in forgotten vanilla scenarios like those found on the Bungie Archives.

See you all next time!

Here's a video of the livestream of the final level. As you can see, the time it took to read the closing terminal was longer than the action part:

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Oct 19th '19, 04:14
by Windbreaker
I have pretty startling news to share with everyone. Today I was visited by Joey's agents, who left a very important item for none other than Adminn_1, following his completion of Mararthon Yuge last month. What could it be? I have no idea -- its contents are highly classified. All I can say is it came from some douche.

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Oct 22nd '19, 17:22
by Adminn_1
I got it! Here's the unwrapping video:

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Mar 7th '20, 00:21
by Adminn_1
I thought I would never touch more than one occasional level of Yuge, but after further consideration, I decided I'd do it...For a price.

Yes, I am willing to record myself completing another Yuge level for every dollar donated to my Patreon. This means that if you want me to play through all of the 10,000 newly generated levels for Yuge, including the Pants Shitting Edition, just send me over $10,000 and I promise I will upload videos of myself playing through all of the levels with commentary and shoutouts to the ones who donated (unless I die first). You'll have the opportunity to watch and listen to me be a deeply frustrated and miserable person over the course of several years.

Or if you just want me to play one level, send $1.

Or if you just want me to play through an entire peack of Pants Shitting Edition, where I fight nothing but red defenders, send $256.

If you're not sure yet, just donate a buck or two and see what happens.

I'm even open to taking requests on what levels you want me to do. Do you want me to just do Pants Shitting Edition over and over? Extreme version? Patrick version? BURN version? "Enter the DOUCHE" over and over? You could even pay me $4,352 to just do over all the levels I've already covered. In the end, most of this stuff is just the same bits of architecture rearranged anyway, although I would be interested to look and see what the secret new Yugepart is.

The choice is yours. [a1logo] [MGrin]

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Mar 14th '20, 12:16
by Adminn_1
Update: I will upload a recorded 3-minute botmatch of a YugePax level with commentary for every 50¢ donated. This means that if you want me to do so for all 10,000 levels of YugePax, donate $5,000. :3

It wouldn't let me set a goal of 50¢, so I said two levels for every dollar donated.

I've thought of doing botmatch playthroughs for YugePax, but as great as that'd be, it would take up a big amount of time. Just my Marathon time I would rather put towards exploring stuff like Bungie Archives rarities. However, I will put YugePax first and go through all of them if compensated. Remember -- a few only costs you coins!

Re: Mararthon: Yuge / YugePax

Posted: Jul 13th '20, 20:05
by mrchallah
I mean, I'd be interested... I love Marathon.