How do World Units compare to Doom engine sizes?

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I was hoping to remake Doom maps in Marathon for fun, but first I need to know what the equivalent of a World unit is in the Doom engine before I start making any attempts.


Once again, the BBCode for resizing images doesn't work, which is why the image looks awful here. But anyway, as it says, the square sections illustrated by the highlight box are what I want to know about: do they represent two metres like the WU squares in Weland do? If not, what measurement are they?

I posted about this on the Doom forum on GOG in case anyone who also plays both games/makes maps for both could tell me, but nobody has responded to it. Here's a link to the original forum post with less messy images. ... orld_units

I also point out that I don't make Doom maps in the id Tech 1 engine myself because Marathon is better and SLADE appears harder to understand.
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The square highlighted in your image is 64x64 map units. According to this Doom Wiki article, 32 map units could be interpreted as 1 meter.

As the Forge manual states, 1 World Unit is roughly 2 meters. Over the years, there has been some debate over the accuracy of this.

For simplicity's sake, I would say they're both correct, and that 1 World Unit = 64 map units = 2 meters. Even if the measurements were 100% perfect, and the map sizes matched exactly between both engines, there's still player size, camera height, FOV, and movement speed to factor in (to name a few).

Also keep in mind that while 1x1 World Units fits a 128x128 texture, 64x64 map units fits a 64x64 texture, and that Doom's textures vary in length and width.
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