projectiles/monsters go right through player

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Hi. I haven't been around in some years but I've been playing a bunch of awesome Doom WADs lately and it's reminded me how much fun it is building 2.5D fps map architecture. I'm trying to finish a level but have ran into an interesting problem that I've never encountered before. Monsters can't hit me. they seem to just shoot right through me. And they charge at me, and walk right through the player.

This wasn't happening earlier. I have been tweaking with the physics model when this happened. But even now when I try and use the original physics, the same issue happens. It could be a map indicies issue, as it's another big map. But to troubleshoot I cut out 500 polys, and am still having the same issue.

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I remember having this problem before, but I can’t recall why it was happening. How many enemies are you using on the level? I seem to recall there being a problem with collision detection if there are too many active effects or projectiles on a map, though it’s also possible to raise the dynamic limits to some extent. Eternal uses the following code:

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		<objects value="1024"/>
		<monsters value="512"/>
		<paths value="512"/>
		<projectiles value="256"/>
		<effects value="256"/>
		<rendered value="1024"/>
		<local_collision value="1024"/>
		<global_collision value="1024"/>
Save that as something like monsterlimits.mml and drop it in your scenario’s Scripts folder, or if you’re developing for the vanilla game and don’t want to do that (or don’t want to break compatibility with your old films), merge it in with your level using Atque. That may solve the problem, but I can’t promise that it will. I seem to recall having the problem in one other context as well, but can’t remember why, or if I’m even remembering accurately.

(It’s possible that some of these values can also be increased beyond what’s included above, but I haven’t played around with that too much.)
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