How to export a Marathon map as FBX model

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1. Download Unity 2020.1.16 f1 or newer

2. Download ( Forge plus Unity project as a zip file

3. Add Forge Plus Unity project to Unity Hub and open it

4. Go to ForgePlusEditor folder then scenes folder and select MainScene scene

5. In project select Singletons and you can check box batching textures, ignore lights and delete original objects

6. Press play and load the map file you want with the shapes file

7. In the Hierarchy list choose your level map, right click it and select export to FBX

8. Choose where to save it and select the Export Format as Binary

9. Open your FBX file in blender and texture it, the map will have materials and texture offsets. Add your texture by matching number
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I thought it was built in to the editor. Thank you.
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