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I am running Windows, and when I try Red Dragonfly, and then try to quit to main menu, my Aleph One stops responding. I try to quit, it asks me if I'm sure, I click yes, and then it goes to a black screen and I have to use my task manager to end Aleph One or I just hit the close button if it is in windowed mode. First Terminus doesn't have this problem. Also, I just downloaded version 0.21 and there are still at least two untextured spots on Red Dragonfly.
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If you are expecting people to play these maps, you need to lose the shapes file and merge the shapes in. People simply will not play otherwise.

I see a few architectural flourishes you've cribbed from Paradise Lost, which is okay, but it betrays a certain level of thoughtlessness in your execution. To wit: if you're going to hang stuff from the ceiling, it shouldn't block the player like the light panels in the west stairs (poly 220 is an example). Also, not all of your fences are solid, and you only have 7 player spawns.
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