Finally got a new computer - recommend me some games

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Other than Marathon, I haven't really been doing much gaming of any kind in the last few years, partly because my old computer was a PPC mac which for gaming purposes pretty much became obsolete years ago, and until now I wasn't able to afford a new computer, and the most recent console I own is a PS2...

Finally got a new machine last week though and I'm looking to get some good games for it. It's a mac, Intel of course, so I can dual boot into Windows as well as Mac OS.

Having not played any for so long I am very out of the loop. The only two games I've gotten for my new setup so far are Bioshock and Skyrim, and I'm loving both of them. Skyrim is a game I had wanted to play ever since I saw ads for it on TV last christmas, even though I am completely new to role-playing type games, and it hasn't disappointed. Bioshock on the other hand is a game that I had heard virtually nothing about but was recommended by a friend, and it is absolutely incredible. I just finished it last night, and I've just ordered Bioshock 2.

One of the reasons I love Bioshock so much I think is that it is so story driven, but not only that, it is a story that explores the kind of existential themes that wouldn't be out of place in my favourite game of all time, Marathon Infinity (interesting that the third Bioshock is going to be called Bioshock Infinite, I wonder if that hints at the influences for the game or even just an homage).

So with that being said, can anyone recommend some good new games to get? Either brand new or from the last couple of years.

Looking for story driven shooters, ideally with a similar amount of thought gone into them as the likes of Infinity and Bioshock (if such a game exists).

Thanks in advance.
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I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, ending aside.
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The Mass Effect series is, in my opinion, one of the best game series I have played. Although the Mass Effect 2 uses "SecuRom" activation, but so does Bioshock, so that might not be to big a deal for you. Mass Effect 3 uses "Origin" activation software. Because both of the policies these activation softwares have , I won't even consider playing them on my computer.
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CitizenKane wrote:-snip-
You could do worse than to play some of the classics, The original Deus Ex and System Shock 2. Other than that there's an explosion of indie/small titles lately, I've been playing a lot of beta tests of Waiting For Horus, a quake style twitch shooter. World of Goo is another good one, as is Machinarium (just for Thomas Dvorak's soundtrack alone). Also been playing Nuclear Dawn, a Source title that's a combo FPS/RTS, really quite fun and different. As far as AAA titles, Fallout New Vegas was enjoyable, Borderlands 2 is pretty decent.
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Story driven games... Hmm. Mass Effect would have been my answer but that's been said already. Fallout 3 maybe?

I'd recommend the first Dragon Age to you, but the combat is uber boring, and there is so much of it. Its not a shooter either so you can't just blast through everything. The story is very enticing however, and the handling of decision-making with your party is phenomenal. *Small SPOILER* You can kill (almost) all possible recruitment characters if you want to be like that. *END*
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I'll second the suggestion of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I'd also recommend Portal and its sequel; I think most Marathon fans would enjoy that series.

Currently, as far as shooters go I'm playing Frontlines: Fuel of War. Its story isn't deep but it's serviceable. The missions are well put together and the (deadly military-grade) toys are fun to play with. In some ways it's the game I've been hoping Call of Duty would be for several iterations now.
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