Samsara, a classic heroes DooM mod

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Samsara is a mod by TerminusEst13 for the ZDooM and Zandronum (a.k.a. Skulltag) DooM ports. It features heroes from classic first-person shooters, all playable in singleplayer, co-op, deathmatch, and a bunch of other gametypes. Up until now, these heroes have all been related to the DooM engine in some way.

But now at last, the Seven7h hero has stepped into the arena!

This would be just another DooM mod, but with the inclusion of our beloved Security Officer, I thought i should inform you all. (I wouldn't let ya down, Hopper ;))

Download it from these threads!

ZDoom thread:

Zandronum thread (Err, ignore the current forum theme. Or don't, lol):
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gona give this a tyr once i get home :)
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This is an interesting mod. The SO is a pretty good tanky character; he can have up to 300 HP and armor (200 is average) but most of his weapons lack real range since they're generally inaccurate and aren't hit-scan, which is true to Marathon but not Doom. On the other hand, he falls very very slowly, so he can get through levels a lot more easily than most characters that drop like stones.

It's interesting to see Marathon physics and graphics replicated somewhat accurately in Doom.

Duke is way better though.
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