anti-Ryoko propaganda!

Chat and discussion not related to either Marathon or Aleph One. Please keep things at least mildly interesting, though.
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Just a bit of silliness in the A1 room.

[2:56pm] ahuxley: hi
[3:07pm] hangar-96: Hello
[3:09pm] nfreader: you've got to be fucking me
[3:09pm] RyokoTK: Unfortunately, I am not fucking you right now.
[3:09pm] RyokoTK: But would you like to set up a time for fucking later?
[3:10pm] nfreader: how much?
[3:14pm] ahuxley: can i look on?
[3:16pm] hangar-96: Ew.
-- Straeshi
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Huh.. I miss some stuff by going on hotline instead of IRC, I see.
lol butts
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I would like to say ,"lol" but thats... 3rd world humor...
also cause theres nothing related to propoganda here, ecsept negitive... just negatives
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That's because he neglected the other part of that conversation, where I told him he should add it to this site because there isn't enough anti-Ryoko propaganda floating around.
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