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I'm conducting this survey for statistical purposes as well as to find out which platform the majority of players use so I can keep that in mind when designing content. For the first question, if you use an emulator, please tell me the platform that you emulate, NOT the one under which you're running the emulator.
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well, I also own 2 pc's as well as my mac. (my mom has a waayy stronger mac than I do, I own a g4 first edition and she owns a 2nd generation g5 imac.) and one pc is uber shitty.. P2
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I primarily use my Mac, so I voted that way. I have a windoze machine (Thinkpad 600E, 400 MHz Pentium II), and I have Aleph One on that. I also have Basilisk II on there. If you don't know what that is, it is a great, free emulator for older Mac Systems. I'm currently running System 7.5.3, and I'm going to install Marathon on there sometime soon. I want to be able to use Forge without the annoyingness of classic.
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