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if it's all a dream, then how come there are still dream sequences? and just because three people do stuff the same way, not just three people, three siblings (didn't they all come from traxus IV?), doesn't mean they're tthe same thing. there were no pictures of wrkncanter, right? (if there were then this next sentence in invalid) the wrkncanter looked so completely alien that no human (the marine or the people at bunjie) could just think of them. i need to finish infinity and get my plot straight, so i would say it is very improbable that it's all a dream but not entirely impossible.

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For future reference, it's traditional to spell 'truth' as 'tru7h' when you're talking about marathon's plot.
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If you want to seriously propose this, try to use proper English and capitalization. I'd take you a lot more seriously if you did.

That said, I don't think that is true.
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