The CLE Livestream (or Playing for an Empty House)

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Mjolnir Mark IV
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This post is the main reason I have not posted in a while. I thought that waiting for the right time to post this was necessary. After seeing Destiny's post mortem on Dave, I decided that the time was right.

As some of you may recall, I (use to) run a general forum called TBCROnline. It originally ran for exactly 1 year and was not used at all. Following it's closure, I began my tenure at Wake Tech Community College.About 6 weeks into fall semester, I became associated with a weekly show about anything but not called anything starring me and 2 other people. The original episode of what was soon to be nicknamed "A Show that Cannot be Named" was posted on my personal Youtube channel. By the next week, after knowing that we would do this on a weekly basis, we decided that we would broadcast live every Thursday night. This began the official run of the livestream. Soon after its founding, the livestream adopted the CLV monkier to its name, to loosely associate itself with the late forum. The schedule soon widened to 4 days a week. However, there were two main problems with this. Firstly, aside from Thursday, no one would help me out for the other three days. Secondly,since the livestream did not focus on Code Lyoko but focused more on Original Content, there was little to no viewers per broadcast. Despite this, it chugged along with it's first fall season, with shows such as Fanfiction Theatre, the ongoing Riffing Initiatives (which was inspired by the KTMA days of MST3k) and AStCbN.

By the second semester, show and player lineups differed, the two other hosts of the live stream went off to do better things. For the entire spring seasons, I was the face of the livestream, doing most roles. AStCbN had a 2 episode second season, both running times less that the length of a season 1 ep. There was more movie commentaries than anything. This season also coincided with my bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts. The main thing keeping me going was doing the livestream.

Spring break (and a prescription of Prozac later) led to the Summer season, Thursdays were designated the gameplay day of the livestream week (due to me only having my only class on that day), and a impressive 5 day schedule. A colleague of mine guest hosted on a few streams (he's now attending college in Vermont), it was mostly contained familiar shows weaved into each other to create a mix. The 2nd Fall semester, the lineup and format was the same as the summer.

Now, we are up to speed. Since the season started on the 15th of January, the stream only has two broadcast days. Tuesdays were dedicated gamedays, with me playing various DOS and modern games(most ive never played before) and Thursday dedicated the main program days, usually the public domain movie of the week.

Doing this week after week for the past year and a half has taught me that you don't need to worry about attention and even low views, as long as you do what you love. I'll keep on playing for the empty house for as long as I can, because of what comedian Joel Hodgson once said: "You don't have to write for a specific audience. Just do what you want and the right audience will find you"
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