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So far, 2 people have asked about my sig pic. I may as well explain it to all those who are curious.

There's 2 major references in it :

1) All the characters/graphics, sans steam-roller, are from this game :
(that game is part of this series :

The chick labeled "Leviathean" and the chick in my avatar are the same character. She's a ~500 year old vampire that goes by the name of Remilia Scarlet (the backgroud of the animation shows one of the rooms of her mansion). The chick who stops the sword is Sakuya Izayoi, Remilia's maid, whom tosses knives and controls time. The chick with the sword isn't really important.

2) The steam-roller is a reference to an anime series called JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, specifically the arcade VS fighing game based on that series. In that game/series, the main badguy is a vampire by the name of Dio Brando, who happens to throw knives and control time. All the main characters in that anime/game have some special spirit they can summon and attack with (Dio's happens to be called "The World"). In the fighting game, one of Dio's super moves involves him summoning a steam-roller from the sky and crushes his opponent with it, as he stands on top of it while screaming.

Technically, the animated gif is directly referencing this :

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Alan wrote:QUOTE(Alan @ Feb 1 2008, 08:14 PM) Also why is Bridget a guy yet he looks so pretty?
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Ah. That explains things.
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