Myth World Cup 2016 Pre-registration is open

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With summer time comes great tradition in the land of old school bungie games, and there is no longer annual tradition than the Myth World Cup! Created in 1997 by Chris Butcher, based on clans called "orders", team of at least 4 players would come together and play against other teams on the field of Myth Battle. Many years of MWC's have taken place, the most recent 2015. The only year there was no MWC was following the loss of's rights to the Myth franchise in 2002. Come join the Myth Fans in their journey for glory against the Dark, gather your friends and compete this summer!

You can pre-register your team here: ... =2&p=32986

Start building your teams now. Anyone who registers their team here now will have to re-register on the website, but feel free to direct people here until is up and ready for public release.

I have created a promotional video to share via YouTube, if you're interested feel free to click! I'm sure the channel will feature highlights from the upcoming tournament. You can check out the video here:

There will also be a FFA tournament taking place, a winner takes all event for 500$. Entries may have up to three players maximum, two players in game maximum, and one player minimum. The mini-tournament event will take place on 4 consecutive weekends in Late July/Early August. With an entry fee of 0$, there is no better reason to start playing Myth again in an effort to score some cash while sharing the carnage!

All tournament games will be featured on YouTube, likely on multiple channels. I'd love to see a marathon based team take the field, if there are any myther's out there be sure to reinstall your myth today and hop online for some games!

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