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lol, its like he couldnt see anything I said:

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5:22:40 PM shadowbreaker998: yo
5:22:46 PM shadowbreaker998: do u wanna see a lvl of shadow?
5:22:51 PM fatshongshong: shure!,
5:22:56 PM fatshongshong: but I gota go soon
5:23:02 PM shadowbreaker998: twix is sendin it to me
5:23:05 PM shadowbreaker998: what u will see
5:23:07 PM shadowbreaker998: sucks
5:23:10 PM fatshongshong: well,
5:23:15 PM fatshongshong: i gota go now, but
5:23:21 PM fatshongshong: you can email it to me?
5:23:23 PM fatshongshong: can you
5:23:24 PM shadowbreaker998: but im gonna turn it into somethin real cool
5:23:28 PM fatshongshong: oh ok,
5:23:31 PM fatshongshong: well when you do
fatshongshong went away at (5:23:50 PM)
5:27:53 PM shadowbreaker998: r u gone?
5:27:53 PM fatshongshong (Autoreply): food wagon
Direct IM disconnected (5:27:59 PM)
Shadowbreaker998 disconnected (8:16:09 PM)

Shadowbreaker998 connected (10:49:17 AM)
10:49:28 AM shadowbreaker998: yo
10:49:36 AM shadowbreaker998: u wanted the map?
10:50:47 AM shadowbreaker998: well it not infinity
10:51:00 AM shadowbreaker998: so you'll need the shapes\
10:51:09 AM shadowbreaker998: ae you usin broadband?
Shadowbreaker998 disconnected (1:41:09 PM)
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I couldn't
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<announcer_voice> Look at that! The entire Bash has just fallen over! This Bash is, wait, he killed him! Shadow killed shong's bash! Congratulations shadow!</anouncer_voice>
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